Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June...lovely June.

So, in case you actually ARE following my blog, you have noticed that I've not put in a new challenge this month. Well, I forgot to tell all of you that June is a great month to NOT have a challenge...especially when one is 9 months pregnant and turning THIRTY-FIVE in the same month! I'm letting myself just be challenged by those two things. That is enough.

Here are some - almost - 35 year-old thoughts:

*35 is half of 70.

*I will be homeschooling until I'm 53 -assuming we take that route until Jubilee is out of the house.

*I have no fear or apprehension about what my life will be like after the 7 kids are grown. I'm looking forward to it. Others in my life think that I will NOT know what to do, that I should keep having babies as long as the Lord allows. That's nice.

*In this season of my life, I could have a self-centered attitude but I'm choosing to enjoy and love the life I've been given.

*All of the boys/men that I thought were hot when I was in middle school are either really old or not so hot anymore. (Think Don Johnson from Miami Vice)

*Twitter is kind of fun.

*I'm about ready to have another birthday...I LOVE my birthday!

*I'm about ready to have another baby! Jubilee Amira Lash - but if it were Amira Jubilee, then she would have my initials.

Choose to have a great day.

breathe your life,

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