Thursday, September 17, 2009


Okay. Confession time.

In case there are any of you out there who have a disillusioned view of me and my parenting - I now will confess how imperfect I am.

*(If you are easily grossed out or have a sensitive gag reflex, please stop reading now)*

Here's the story. Tyson gave Zac a bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning and then went to take a shower. I was in bed for most of this. Tyson went to clean Zac up and help him down from the table.
I came by later during my normal cleaning routine. The table needed cleaning after breakfast, so I sprayed it down and washed it. Next, I decided that since some of that sticky cereal was on the seat of the booster seat (which Eden usually uses, not Zac), I would take it to the kitchen and dismantle it and clean it out well. (I really do this every once in a while - not often enough - keep reading.)
When I removed that blue part from that white part, I was met with many crumbs and bits of spaghetti noodles etc. I was expecting that. What I did NOT expect was to see movement within the crumbs. Yes, movement. Upon closer look I see that the movement was...wait for it... some sort of worm. I'm guessing it was a maggot. Sick.
I hurriedly cleaned said booster - very well. Then I realized that I could have taken a picture of the grossness to blog about it. Then a little voice inside my head warned me that there are some out there who would see this as some sort of child abuse and call CPS. And you would have picture proof.
Now you know the truth. I am not perfect. Now go about your day, no comments necessary.

Breathe your life.

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