Friday, August 20, 2010

Christian Authors

Dear Christian fiction authors:

Please stop patronizing me with your writing. I feel like you don't believe I know how to think for myself. When you write about something that the character is feeling - try to let me know how they are feeling withOUT telling me every time. I know it seems like responsible writing to emphasize and re-emphasize struggles that the character has gone through in the past and how it affects that person in the story, but really, I don't need you to keep repeating it with words.

I have a great memory. I remember when you wrote how the heroine struggled with not feeling loved by her father. Please don't bring this up in the story by saying, "she felt this way because of the struggle of not feeling loved by her father." Give me some credit! Let me FEEL what the character is feeling!

Also, as a side note, I know these are Christian books - that's why I picked it out. I'm wondering, does almost EVERY Christian book need to have a preacher in it giving a "salvation" message for the climax of salvation to happen? Can a relationship with Jesus sometimes happen out of this context? Please?

One of your adoring fans.


Okay Readers, I know this came across a bit harsh. It's just that I LOVE to read. I really like a balance of different styles of books. I especially enjoy reading historical fiction. It just seems like I keep picking up "Christian" books that state the obvious TOO MUCH.

I have been reading more secular fiction lately and let me tell you - I have been getting caught up in the stories. I love that feeling. I wish it would happen more when I read stuff by Christian authors, but it hasn't been happening. Maybe I'm missing something. I would love the "caught up" feeling without some of the graphic stuff that I end up skimming over.

Can someone please lead me to some books that have this and not that?

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Breathe your life.

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