Friday, February 20, 2009


Memorization. A tricky thing, really. My 10 year old daughter can work on a memory piece for 15 minutes and she has it - even weeks later. My 34 year old brain is not as amazing for some reason. I think the main thing is that it is so very out of practice. That is sad.

But truthfully, in my adventure to memorize Matthew chapter 5 this month, I have been both disappointed AND quite surprised with myself. Disappointed because I'm only on verse 16 out of FORTY-EIGHT! Quite surprised because I have actually memorized SIXTEEN verses! I have stuck with the goal! I do plan on finishing the chapter even though the month may get away from me. And, I do still have 8 more days to work on it. So, if I memorized four verses per day.....

In my next post, I will go in to some detail of the benefits of memorizing such a long piece of scripture. The biggest benefit being that I am spending large amounts of concentrated time on one section. Great for meditation.

Also, next months challenge WILL be the practicing piano one since my piano is being delivered this Monday! I am so excited. It has been sitting in our old house (now a rental) since last April - waiting to have an obnoxious amount of money invested in it to have it professionally delivered to our house here in Gig Harbor. I'm hoping that it will not need much work (tuning) done to it. The instrument probably does deserve a good tuning though. It will have been through four moves come next week and I do not know when it was tuned before it was given to me.

Until then, take care and keep challenging yourself.

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